Simple, Relevant and Impactful – Gmail Spam Technology Video

Gmail uploaded a simple, relevant and well made video about their spam technology. Love it how they mentioned their way to combat those dreaded image spam with a plug with for Google Book Search.

Simple, relevant and impactful marketing – Clearly delivering value to their audience

I believe the right way forward is never to cry foul at your competitors. A better way to deal with comparison is:

1) accept that someone has done a better job,

2) evaluate where they are doing ,

3) quietly work to achieve parity and later exceed the industry’s expectations and

4) let the results speak for themselves and your users will back you up.

Berno’s technology 2 cents. Hey, what do I know about the tech industry? *shrug*

We Have a New Managing Director!

Today, Microsoft Research announced the promotion and appointment of Dr. Hsiao-Wuen HON as Managing Director of the Beijing Lab (Microsoft Research Asia, MSRA). Rob Knies, a member of Microsoft Research, interviewed Hon and posted an interview after news of this appointment.

BERNO: I really enjoyed working here in Microsoft Research Asia. The culture here is healthy, inquisitive, open and respectful. Everyone is keen to make their contribution to advance the state of computing and technology development and nuture the next generation of researchers. When I first joined the organisation, I received a personal welcome email from Hon. I felt very welcome and humbled to receive a direct email from an organisation then-deputy MD.

Your Work Performance is Your Best Resume – 你的工作就是最好的面试

Xin Zou, a Research Dev Lead, a 10 years veteran with Microsoft wrote a blog entry about his personal interview experience. I think it is worthwhile to blog about this because it’s uncommon to find Microsoft interview process articles written in Chinese. Good read.

Your Work Performance is Your Best Resume – 你的工作就是最好的面试

Singapore Airlines – Now Even a Greater Way to Fly

Australia has been a kind adopted home for me for several years. Aussies have told me the moment they stepped onto a Qantas flight, it felt almost like home-coming. Well, I share similar sentiments each time I on-board a Singapore Airlines flight from Australia. Even just to see that all familiar livery in a foreign airport makes me keen to spot my countrymen in the airport and a deep sense of pride. Our tiny nation, even the name “Singapore” takes up more space than our land mass, is home to the world’s largest carrier.The familiar Singapore accent (not to be confused with Singlish), the faces of the cabin crews, esp the hallmark Singapore Airlines stewardess unsurpassed level of customer attentiveness and their sarong kabaya.


Today, the arrival of SQ380 (after launch, it will revert to SQ 221, 220), marks the world first A380 commerical flight from Singapore to Sydney, a brand new overhaul of all 3 travel classes. Another reason why Singapore Airlines will always a great way to fly. Welcome SQ380. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to fly home with you. For the complete experience, visit

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Installation Woes

I’m calling out to the greater IT community for some generous help with my JRE installation. I was prompted to install the latest JRE 6 Update 3 which I duly abided. After the installation, I realised that I can’t run Java applets within Firefox but it works perfectly on IE 7.

The Java installation help is poor and the FAQ doesn’t describe my problem (Works on IE but not FF). This is so bizarre! Check out my screen shots which is linked to larger version.

Does anyone know what is the problem and how I can fix it? I tried uninstall and reinstall the file but still the same issue.

1. Runs properly on IE


2. Breaks in Firefox

Firefox-Java-Not-Installed-1 Firefox-Java-Not-Installed-2

3. JRE Settings – Only 1 version, pointing to the right directory location


Early Birthday Gifts from Siew Ling

Siew Ling sent me lots of birthday goodies this year. I received a Shanghainese retro birthday card, a CD as well as totally wicked e-photo slide show. Ah Ling, thanks for making the photos slide show, it’s brilliant!

The photo slide show includes pictures of my undergraduate, graduation, time in Singapore and well as Sydney. Now, I just need to look for an old jazz record to accompany it.

Eight Random Things about Berno

Recently I was tagged by Alfred and so here are eight absolutely random facts about me.

1. Seafood or Asian Vegetarian Meals – Each year, I will always catch the same flight from Australia back to Singapore for Christmas. It is always the last Fri before Christmas and I always make a seafood or Asian vegetarian meal request with Singapore Airlines.

2. My interests in running – I only got into running because I want to compete against my cousin (Joseph) in the Army Half Marathon when both of us were posted to the same military camp.

3. Skinny Flat White – Back in Melbourne, I used to drink strong skinny lattes. However, my first few cups of coffee in Sydney were so bad that I changed my drinks to flat white. I thought, “Hey, no one can screw up a flat white, right?” NOT! Sydney proved otherwise.

4. Attending Mass in Cathedrals – Generally, I prefer not to attend Mass in Cathedrals because I am certainly one not fond of theatrics. Sung responsorial psalms often drives me quite mad. Mass is an opportunity for the people to enter a personal relationship with God. I can’t understand a word when those choir singer(s) – sing the Psalm. There is a reason why we have theatres and Broadway.

Reference: The Masses in St Mary Cathedral, Sydney

5. Happy Talk – My early recollection as a child was my participation on Fanta’s Happy Talk on air with Charlie and Uncle Victor Khoo. It was a lot of fun to hear myself on air talking to Charlie. But the best part of the experience was to win the 6 pack of Fanta soft drinks, cooler bags and glassware! My friend, Fanta!

6. Paying my Bills –I generally pay all my bills (post dated payment) on the same day I receive them. This way I don’t need to worry about late bill payment and transferring my money way too early before the due date.

7. Alcohol Intolerance – I am absolutely alcohol intolerance, one glass of wine or 1 can of beer can make me very sick. Alcohol is toxin, I don’t get it why people enjoy alcohol and drinking drunk. But I still buy wines for friends, figure that out?

8. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Game – A popular real time strategy game based on a Chinese classic historical novel. I always choose to play Cao Cao. My strategy is always get the country economics foundation absolutely right before I go into war mode. And when I go into rampage war mode, I make sure I have more than double the required supplies to go war. If my first attempt was unsuccessful, I will have a Team 2 ready to attack on the next turn, leaving no chance for the enemy to recover.

2007 Melbourne Half Marathon – 1.51:40


Last weekend, I was back in Melbourne to take part in the 30th Melbourne (Half) Marathon. It was my first attempt at this event and my first half marathon for the year. This event was special because I took part in the event with the company of my close Honours gang and we finished off inside the magnificent MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). The route is marvellous, across the city, along St Kilda Road, the Royal Botanic Garden, Albert Park (the F1 Melbourne Grand Prix track) onto the Port Phillip Bay, St Kilda beach and back to the city and onto the hallowed turf of the MCG.


Rafi, Adam and I signed up for the half marathon (21.1km) while Shelvia (and her better half Shanon) and Dhaminda participated in the 5.5km event. I was elevated when I realised that I had achieved a new personal best (PB) of 1:51:40. I was very pleased with that result :)

Monash had a marquee organised for the event and we we had our own private baggage storage and a Monash-branded Puma running top. The Monash Sports crew even provided free breakfast and massages too. Sweet!

Here are a selection of the photos taken during the event and the weekend back “home” in Melbourne. Click on the image for enlarged version and the entire set can be found here –

PA070094 PA060011 PA060005 PA070065 PA070062 PA070073 Melbourne-Half-Marathon-Race-Result-071007.png

Celebrated Director Sighting

Yesterday I was standing next to a guy who pay for a heap of CDs and DVDs easily over $200 worth. I was thinking to myself, “Gesh, someone is feeling quite rich today!” When the Title staff member was assisting with my payment, he revealed, “That’s Baz Luhrmann, he is here every weekend. He lives over in Darlinghurst and stop by here each week and grab a stackful of CDs.”

I smiled at the staff member and paid for my CDs.

The purpose of this post is to about TITLE, and I’m using this sighting to give a different take on a audio record recommendation. TITLE and Birdland Records) are my favourite record stores in Sydney. They are very well stocked in from mainstream, independent, Aussie, original records and staffed by knowledgeable members. Next time when you are in Sydney and in the mood for good original jazz/ blues/ regga/ world/ classical record to truly savour and enjoy, visit TITLE or Birdland.

In case you are wondering what I bought? I bought a Sarah Vaughan cd and a copy of 100 Days, 100 Nights – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings