Sydney Opera House 261106

For more Sydney related photos or information, please check out my “Sydney” tagged posts or flickr photos, or email me bernardoh3rd (at) gmail. I hope you will also like my other favourite Sydney photos.

Pictures taken last evening from Circular Quay.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House 2


15 thoughts on “Sydney Opera House 261106

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  2. hello. I am putting a little review of my top ten best buildings together. I would love to use your pics of Sydney Opera House if that’s OK wiht you?

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  4. i want to buy sydney opera house ..

    tell me about its cost immediately..

    i will buy it upto 300 bilion $us

  5. Hey, same question as Ian – can I use your pic for decorations in my house? It is sooo amazing!!!


  6. I’ve been told to go through all the images I’ve been using for my client ( and document where all my photos have come from. Most come from the stock exchanage site but I have found one where I have used your second photo (the one with all the search lights) in the backgruond of a graphic that links to a page (the page it links to has a credit to you). I must have been in a rush, noticed you’d said yes to all sorts of other people to use it (from my history I think I found it here: originally) and took that as a green light.

    So my question, dear Berno, is can I continue to use your lovely photo in future little buttons I may need to make up concerning Australian things?

  7. @Chris, I will accept a small payment for commerical application of my creative work. I’ll follow up this discussion with an private email.

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