Wanna Get into the VC Business

Guy Kawasaki has this really post for those people who have plans to get involve in a venture captial business. Personally, I believe to run a successful IT business, first you really need to understand and get personally engaged in the industry you are involve.

It’s common marketing mantra to be – being customer oriented. But how many marketers out there really do? How many of them really relate (think for and ahead of) to their customers or just see them as mere consumers? Never, ever, think less of your customers. Customers are your true pay masters, their wallet, lips (word of mouth) and keyboard (forums and blogging) will judge you for your true value.

What is some markerter’s claim to really understanding their customers? Marketing data by an agency commisioned data? How do they ensure data and research integrity? First hand interaction?

That is why I totally agree with the very first question.

What is your background?

Management consulting (subtract 5 points)

Investment banking (subtract 5 points)

Accounting (subtract 5 points)

MBA (subtract 5 points)

I don’t totally believe in marketing can be taught effectively in school. I’m more of a believer of observation, noticing trends and physical engagement.


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