Hiring Sxx Partners

Hiring Microsoft Student Partners

2007 Microsoft Student Partners Recruitment

*This year, I’m inviting the most technology savvy applicants (including students from non-computer science background) to apply to be a Microsoft Student Partner (formerly known as Student Ambassadors).


• Digital native
• Passionate about new technologies (tell me what two technologies you love the most and why? eg podcast? Flickr? diggs?)
• Posses a close relationship with faculty member(s)
• Proven ability to present and organise events (seminars and BBQs etc)
• Committee member of a campus student group (desirable)


• Top notch training opportunities
• A MSDN Subscription (read Microsoft software buffet)
• Microsoft giveaways
• Networking opportunities with Microsoft and useful industry contacts
• Trip to Tech.Ed 2007 (Gold Coast)
• Can’t hurt to have a Microsoft role in your CV, right?

If this opportunity interests you, email your questions or application (creative CVs are welcome, no Nigeria fund transfer proposals) to [t-berno] [at] [microsoft] [dot] [com] asap.

Opportunities are limited.

BERNO: I left the DPE group to join Microsoft Research. The above mentioned address is invalid, please contact your local Microsoft Academic Evangelist or http://student-partners.com/Default.aspx (23 Mar 08)


6 thoughts on “Hiring Sxx Partners

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  3. @Ivana, I am now a part of Microsoft Research and not managing the Student Partner program. Please contact your loca Microsoft office to become a MSP.

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