Inner Sydney Photo Safari – 101206

Last Sunday (10/12) was a glorious fine and sunny day in Sydney and I decided I can’t spend it in a gym or working on Outlook. Instead with my trusty camera, I decided to go on a inner Sydney suburbs photo safari.

Basically, I went on my merry way after mass in St Patrick –> Central –>Broadway –> Glebe Point Road –> St Mary Catherdral –> Kings Cross –> Potts Point –> Elizabeth Bay.


You can actually see my safari trail on Local Live. Last but not least, my photo safari pictures hosted on my brand new Flickr PRO account, thanks to my good friend – Long Zheng. Christmas came very early this year. Thanks Long!

Sample pictures

 – 4 Symbols of the Gospel (St Benedict Church, Broadway)

 – The friendliest real estate in Potts Point. If I’m stay on in Sydney, I think I want to move to Potts Point. It seems like an area that I can live in. Chatswood is good but kinda sterlie, too many shopping malls.

 – El Alamein Water Fountain (Kings Cross)

 – Book Voucher for David Hicks


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