A (Weather) Tale of Two Cities

Rugged up...revellers enjoy their white Christmas at Mt Donna Buang in Victoria.
— James Boddington

 Have you even seen this year’s summer (in the south hemisphere) snow report? Thought you read it wrong, nope! It’s snowing in Thredbo, right in the heart of summer “Summer: let it snow, let it blow, let it glow” (SMH)!  Still on the weather theme, Australia is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts ever. This drought is sending many farmers to brink of winding up their farms while consumers are at paying record prices for fresh produce.

Singapore on the other hand is quite the opposite tale. This year’s monsoon season has been very rough and we experienced record rainfalls which result unseen flood levels in certain parts of Singapore. Rain has been long and heavy for many parts during the day. From the picture below, you can observed that the downpour is so heavy till I can’t even see the Singapore National Stadium or city skyline from my room.



2 thoughts on “A (Weather) Tale of Two Cities

  1. I remember the monsoons in Singapore, and getting flooded in Jurong. Had to wade to higher ground through a parking lot with water up to my chest. The stormwater drains filling up as well are quite amazing… I can well understand that people who fall in them drown – but can’t quite figure out why the otherwise efficient SGP authorities don’t fence them off.

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