Black Wednesday – SG is such a Small Place – The World is Flat

Today was a Black Wednesday for Asia’s telecommunication were severely disrupted after two powerful earthquakes the off the coast of Taiwan. The earthquakes damaged crucial undersea cables which formed as the backbone of much voice and data traffic.
This afternoon, I was in OMB to gain access to Microsoft Corp network, access were severely hampered and our email delivery was slow. It made me realised how dependent we are to the Internet, the world is so integrated.
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Singapore is such a small place, just within a span of two days I met two DPE Microsofties by chance. Wed, I met Kurt (the APAC EE Lead) and Fai (Malaysia ISV Evangelist) outside the context of work. Both of them were very kind and asked me about how I was coping in my role in AU despite my lack of direct work interaction in their areas.
This trip home felt different from my earlier trips back in SG. Somehow, there were part of it that felt like returning to a full circle. Maybe it is an intuition that I will be coming back to SG to start looking for a new job.

Do you have a passion for globalisation, Web 2.0 and changing business practices? If so, Thomas Friedman’s latest book – The World is Flat is the book for you. Never have I read a printed book that is so up to date and balance and accurate in his analysis of today’s flatten global economy. If you want to really want to understand Web 2.0 (substitute the term Globalisation 3.0 with Web 2.0) from a business and technology perspectives, its promises and challenges, read this book.


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