Singapore MSP Interview Panel – Globalisation 3.0

This arvo, I joined Stanley Tan (MS Singapore ADE) to interview prospective Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) candidates from my Singapore alma mater – Temasek Polytechnic (TP). The interview panel was made up out 2 out-going TP MSPs, their MSP Lead – Wilson (from National University of SingaporeSchool of Computing), Stanley and myself.

It was an interesting experience to have an opportunity to compare my MSP interview process compared to SG. The SG interview process was done in person and consists of four phases: introduction, technology interests and knowledge assessment, a simple programming scenario and public speaking ability.

This experience gave me new insight on body language and interview engagement process. It also gave me a chance to witness and appreciate cultural differences between SG and AU students. I felt very privileged to be in a position to pick up on this knowledge as a Singaporean working in the Australian sub for a global company based in the USA.

We are now living in the Age of Globalisation 3.0

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