Create Your Own XBox 360 Game

Are you a passionate gamer? Always had a cool original brand new idea for a block-blaster game in your mind? Or maybe you are always interested in the process behind games development? The opportunity is now available via the XNA Games Studio Express.


XNA Games Studio Express allows you to develop your games (in managed code) within the familiar Visual Studio Express environment and deploy it to your XBox 360. XNA Games Studio Express is like mobile development against the .NET Framework, you don’t know need to focus on the hardware. You just focus on the game logic and have it compile against the XNA Runtime. You don’t need to worry about porting it to the 360 hardware platform. Plus your game can also run on Windows too.


Check out this XNA Channel 9 “Looking at XNA” video and download the XNA Games Studio Express today!



2 thoughts on “Create Your Own XBox 360 Game

  1. Glad to see you are starting to play with XNA, good to see some more people from this side of the world starting to play.

    I am in the process of finalizing my community site for XNA and Game Development, at the same time I am trying to put together a group of like minded people who would like to start forming an Australian XNA User Group. If you know of anyone that is interested you can contact me through my site.

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