I’m Tagged!

I was double and a half tagged this week by Rory Primrose, Howard Lo and Alfred Thompson. Basically the deal is I would share 5 things about myself which most people wouldn’t probably know about me. And so here’s the spill…

1. A. J.

My confirmation certificate is the only official document in the world that has my full (English + Chinese) name. It’s Bernard Anthony Jude Oh Wai Nam. And I use ‘tj’ as my shorten signature on delivery receipt.

2. Casino

I always spend no more than $20 when I’m in a casino. I don’t believe in gaining money by luck. My largest casino winning was AUD $110 in Crown Casino, Melbourne on a 2 cents machine.

3. My defining geek moment

My defining geek moment was during the release of Internet Explorer 3.0. On the release day, I actually cut class early to race home to download IE 3.0. I had to be the first 300 people in Singapore to download the software. My prize for being an early adopter – a copy of IE 3.0 in a CD which I still keep to this day.

4. Another clerk made me run

Previously I never like running much but I made the decision to run my first half marathon because another clerk with a hole in the heart condition was part of running group. I told myself, if he can do it, I can definitely do it. Completing my first half marathon is one of my proudest achievement in life.

5. Papadums

I don’t like oily food but everyone knows you need to fry papadums in deep pot of oil. However, I always made my papadums by cooking them in a microwave for 1.5min. Oil free, yummy crispy papadums!

My turn to play Loki, I’m going to sabo: J-K, Stanley Tan, Punzki, Shane Morris (AU User Experience Evangelist *New*) and Darren Sim.


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