XNA Games Studio Express Presentation for National Computer Science School

Yesterday afternoon, I presented the new Microsoft XNA Games Studio Express to students and tutors of the National Computer Science School. It was an IT Summer Camp supported by the Australian Computer Society, National ICT Australia and the University of Sydney for Year 12 students across the country.

XNA Developer Center
We had over a 100 attendees for this event.  The students were divided into 3 groups and rotated around the different theatres in Microsoft. Other topics presented include Careers in Microsoft, Vista-Office, Media Centre Demo and Xbox 360.


These students really kept me on my toes with their questions from managed code, XNA deployment, Imagine Cup 2007 and my experience as a Microsoft intern. It was a really rewarding experience to engage directly with the academic community and get students interested in IT.

Presentation Deck: Create Your Own Windows-Xbox 360 Game with XNA Game Studio Express (GSE) (.ppt, 3.3MB)


4 thoughts on “XNA Games Studio Express Presentation for National Computer Science School

  1. Nice,
    I’m giving 2 presentations on XNA here in Tasmania.
    1 for the local .NET user group
    1 for the students at the university

    I might have to borrow some material from those slides 😉

  2. nice…that’s a good break to present new technologies for the rest. I am sure you are quite busy promoting as such. I am hoping we could have that seminar as well in our university.

    God bless and just continue rocking information technology world.

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