Vista Midnight Launch at Harvey Norman (Alexandria)

The first person in the world to receive a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate signed by Bill Gates is William Tsang! Well done, mate!


I got to Harvey Norman by 11.30pm, by then there was already a crowd gathered at the Harvey Norman, computer enthusiasts and media outlets. By 11.45pm, Tracey Fellows (Managing Director, Microsoft Australia) and Gerry Harvey (Chairman, Harvey Norman) arrived and soon began their raffle draw for the lucky first customer in Australia to purchase Vista!

Here are some pictures I took of the event. You can find more pictures from my flickr account – or email me for other pics (t-berno)

P1290004 P1290014 P1290023 P1290034 P1290038 P1290043 P1300062 P1300069 P1300074

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6 thoughts on “Vista Midnight Launch at Harvey Norman (Alexandria)

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  2. wait, the beta’s been out for like 6 months. Why is there a midnight launch for it? We all eventually accept a new OS when we get a new top end PC

  3. @ -_-;;

    Do you know William from work? There wasn’t much about him on the press.

    @ W3s – An OS schedule for WW released requires extensive testing. It’s not an easy task to manage it. Tons of partners, vendors and customers’ expectations to manage and support. We need to keep testing until we achieved a proper quality for release.

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