Vista-Office GA Launch Internal Party at Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney

This arvo, we had our internal GA launch party at the MCA and our special guest from Corp was Kevin Johnson (Kevin Johnson, Platform and Services Division, President).  Steve Vamos (incumbent MD) and Tracey Fellows (incoming MD) were there to extend their congratulatory message to the GA Launch team as well as and rallying the staffs to go out and introduce Vista-Office to the community.

3 Vista consumer focus news were announced:

Kodak Online Print Wizard – now you can send your fav photos from your Windows Photo Gallery directly to Kodak for printing and receive your printed photos via mail or your local store

Microsoft and BigPond launch Australian Vista movie download service (iTWire)

Microsoft and Sanity announce Australian Vista music subscription service (iTWire)

Our party was later headed by the Rouge Traders. Awesome band!
P1300149 P1300152 P1300156 P1300177
Pictures of the PTY-Interns and Tracey Fellows

P1300183 P1300187


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