Another “Roti Boy” in the Making

We Singaporeans love our food, we live to eat and not eat to live 🙂 Looks like this donut craze is another Rotiboy in the making …

Doughnuts The Next Big Thing? (Asia1)

A LONG line forms every day at Donut Factory in the basement of Raffles City.

Customers wait for up to two hours for the shop’s freshly made doughnuts – deep-fried yeast pastries glazed with chocolate, filled with kaya or topped with fruit.

Call it pent-up doughnut demand – the shop was swamped shortly after it opened in the middle of last month.

Gunter Rahim, 44, a businessman of German-Pakistani descent, has had to double production and more than triple the size of his staff.

He won’t give sales figures but says: ‘It’s been overwhelming, and more than we’ve expected.’

Customers can also place advance orders – at least a week in advance.

‘There’s a limit to the number of doughnuts we can produce each day without compromising quality,’ he says.

This attention to perfection is perhaps why his doughnuts are so popular.

The pastries are mixed and cut by hand, then fried in a machine. After that, they are decorated by hand. The result? Light, fluffy doughnuts which are a contrast to the often heavy ones found in Singapore bakeries.

Rahim says they are less sweet than the famous Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the United States, which some Singaporeans cart home in boxes from their trips abroad.
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Ber “in my singlish accent”: I was one of those crazy Singaporeans who brought Krispy Kreme over from Seattle to Singapore. Crazy idea! The donuts do not taste as good after more than 16 hours under flight cabin conditions. Next time, just buy from Sydney lah! Only 8 hours away 🙂

Err .. anyone want to bring in Mister Donuts (Japan)? HOME Yummy!


One thought on “Another “Roti Boy” in the Making

  1. Actually now you can bring in Krispy Kremes from Hong Kong. Shop in Time Square. Only 3.5 hours away…

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