Invitation to MS Research Public Seminar in Sydney (Feb 21 2007)

msr-15-square-blue.jpg Microsoft Research:
Driving Innovation for 15 Years

In 1991, Bill Gates decided to make a bold investment for the long-term future of the company by creating an organization to focus on basic and applied research in computing. Fifteen years later, nearly every product that Microsoft ships contains technology that originated in Microsoft Research and was developed using tools that began in the research division.

Now 750 people strong with five labs on three continents, MSR continues to advance the state of the art in computing technology and move those innovations into the products that our customers enjoy today and into the future. Hear about Microsoft’s unique approach to research and innovation, and see a sneak preview of technologies that might appear in Microsoft products in the years to come.

Speaker: Kevin Schofield, General Manager, Microsoft Research – Redmond [Bio]/ [Blog]

Date: 21 Feburary 2007 [Wed]
Time: 4.00-5.30pm
Venue: Microsoft Australia, Theatre 3, Ground Floor, 1 Epping Road, North Ryde, NSW, 2113 [Map]


Download invitation

RSVP (Essential) before Feb 20/ Queries? Berno (t-berno [at] microsoft [dot] com), 02-9870-2961)


2 thoughts on “Invitation to MS Research Public Seminar in Sydney (Feb 21 2007)

  1. Kevin gets to go to Oz? He gets to go to all the cool places. I know Kevin. He’s a good speaker and he gets to visit all the MS Research offices around the world. He also travels with Bill Gates when Bill visits college campuses. So he really knows what’s going on.

  2. Indeed, it’s my personal pleasure (together with John Warren’s) to receive Kevin here in Australia. Kevin will be presenting two seminars about MSR and Software Innovation here in Aus, one for internal and another for external audience (listed in the above).

    I’m very excited to see him again and hear him speak 🙂 I will try and maintain several posts about his trip when it occurs.

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