Sydney Chinese New Year Parade – 110207

This morning I was over in the Sydney CBD to soak in the festive celebration with the Sydney Chinese New Year parade. The parade went from Townhall to Chinatown and was very well represented by various Chinese dialect and minorities groups. It was a very interesting parade with a strong cultural tone and it reminded me of Singapore’s Chingay Parade (wiki).

The Chinese New Year is only 5 days away! Below is a selection of the photos taken. For more, please visit my Flickr set – If you like my photos, please add me as your Flickr contact. Lastly, please do not hesitate to give me your feedback to improve my photo taking skills.

P2110024 P2110038

P2110069 P2110084

P2110129 P2110136



4 thoughts on “Sydney Chinese New Year Parade – 110207

  1. chinese new year always makes the city so vibrant and colorful! the dragon photo is my favorite.

    sweet little camera trick I find very useful, especially during the day: using (forced) flash when taking photos against light will help to brighten the subject/s.


  2. It was really weird when I saw the date of your post because I was in Chinatown yesterday too! hahahaha… I didn’t bump into you though, Berno. I guess it’s because I got there fairly late in the day.

    I really like your photos. I’m not sure why there is a guy in a donkey costume nor why there are people with Medieval looking weapons though. I guess there was a diverse bunch of people at the parade. 🙂

  3. The facial expression of the boy in the mule costume seems so strange during such a festive parade. Maybe he was forced to become an ass of himself during that day 😛

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