“My New Desk”; DPE is Hiring

Recently, the AU DPE saw our team grew by 3 new additionsScott Barnes (Web Developer Evangelist, QLD), Michael Kordahi (Web Developer Evangelist, NSW) and Nick Hodge (Enthusiast Evangelist, NSW) and desk space became scarce. I was gently informed that I had to make room for the FTEs … so here is my new desk.


Hey at least I’m closer to the printers. Picture taken by Michael when I was trying to print some Imagine Cup material for my next week’s trip.

Jokes aside, DPE is a good team, well suited for passionate, intelligent, independent and people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty! I’m looking for my replacement – Audience Marketing Intern. Send me your resume.


2 thoughts on ““My New Desk”; DPE is Hiring

  1. Make room, the newbies are here and we own this town alright!


    Actually, I share a desk with Chuck so at least you have a desk 😉 heheh.

    Typed on my Toshiba Laptop which arrived today….

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