The Adventures of Baldrick – a Kidnapped Zune

I’m Baldrick (wiki), Nick Hodge’s Zune! One day, Berno “innocently” asked Nick if he could check out his new Zune, which Nick obliged.

No one ever expected Berno to be such a pretender and that rat soon scamper off with me.

  (Berno with his “Edmund Blackadder” look, just before he ran away)

He took me off and subjected me to brutal numerous photo inserts (including loading several photo sets sessions in one sitting) and Chinese New Year mp3 audio from ABC Sydney.

The week after, Berno went on a series of visits to the eastern seaboard universities in Australia. During his travel, I was exposed to a collection of eccentric tunes including the likes of an Icelandic singer named Björk.

Along the road, I met up with another Zune too, his name was Kevinszune owned by Kevin Schofield. Berno uncovered my wireless feature in Zune and began trading tunes. That’s geek social interaction for you 🙂


Can someone please contact Nick Hodge and get me home?


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