Catching up with Andrew Tan (QUT, ex-theSpoke blogger)

A week ago, I was in Brisbane for the launch of Microsoft-QUT eResearch Centre. This gave me an invaluable first hand opportunity to get know the staff and students from the QUT’s School of Computer Science and Data Communication.


During my interaction with the eResearch Centre PhD students, I caught up with Andrew Tan and his gang of “intelligent gorillas” (the term came from Mark Richards) – Chien, David; to find out more about their respective projects. This gang even have a minder, Mark, mainly because their project was based on Mark’s earlier work.

Andrew is working on “Adaptive Mobile 3D Graphics for collaborative applications via multi modal devices”. His research project aims to take advantage of the 3D graphic rendering capability in mobile devices for collaborative purposes.  I could see potential of having this technology applied to tutorial and field collaborative education exercise. What a great opportunity to have this technology compete in this year’s Imagine Cup. With the support of their supervisors, Prof Binh Pham and Dr On Wong, the “intelligent gorillas” are in IC 2007.

I seriously invite all post-graduate students to review their current research project and see if they can further extend their current project as an entry for the Imagine Cup competition. Killing two birds with one stone 😉

Later, Andrew also revealed to me that he used to have a blog on theSpoke too! It never fails to amaze me who you can meet from theSpoke. I made so many friends and connections thru my old theSpoke blog. Andrew is another fellow Singaporean who had made it good thru the Australian education system.  QUT is a really up and coming university, I’m glad Andrew decide to further his studies to a PhD.

You never know who you might know from your blog 😉


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