Anna Liu shares the ways to build a career

Anna Liu, my senior (architect evangelist) in DPE recently shared about the ways to build a career on her blog. I must admit, I always thought the only way for me was to establish an objective, develop a course of actions and act on it. That’s the German B in me (Bernhard). I knew there were other ways out there but I thought it was not for me.

“You basically have a number of options in building a career:

1. you work out what you ultimately want to do, and you plan a course of action in order to achieve it

2. at any point in time, you look at your options, and decide which one is most fun, and just go and do that.

3. you can always go back to do more studies, and reinvent yourself completely.

4. you make your choices bearing in mind that there are others looking up to you”

Today, I came across her comment “other options are equally valid approaches to building a career, and in fact, in approaching life!”.  Her comment triggered me to write this entry and revisit those options and see which is truly resonate with me . I always had a lot of respect of Anna because of her personal and education background. When Anna made such a comment, I felt it would have some application to my life too.
I hope the options mentioned in her entry were useful for you as they were for me.
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