Life is Beautiful with ABC Classic

There is no better way to get up each morning, only with Classic Breakfast with Paul Bevan on ABC Classic FM (Live Stream). It is my morning audio espresso. Classical music helps me to settle in a composed state of mind. I wonder what the brain activity map is for those people who start their day with heavy metal or rock music.

Life is Beautiful – The Complete Collection

Three weeks ago, I bought a copy of Life is Beautiful – The Complete Collection (3 CD Box set) at ABC Broadcast Centre (Ultimo). Since then, it has never left my cd player. It was  a bit pricey at $39.95 but it’s worth every penny plus all profits goes back to ABC’s production of new programs. It’s my audio companion helping me to concentrate, and very soothing especially a long day at work. Essentially, revitalising but never sleep inducing. Helps me to appreciate life and the present moment.

If this post inspires you to discover the world of light classical music (not the big operatic kind) or if you are looking for a classical music sampler, you can’t go wrong with this album. La dolce vita.


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