QUT – Are you Ready for Imagine Cup, Vista and Office?


If you are studying in Queensland University of Technology, you must turn up for the QUT Imagine Cup-Vista-Office campus launch organised by our QUT Microsoft Student Partner – Griffith on 16 Mar 2007. There are heaps of exciting giveaways including t-shirts, softwares, high end mouses too.

There will demostrations of the Vista gadgets and media centre, how to exploit the features of Office 2007 to get those darn assignments out of the way in double quick time and how you could possibility become the next software tycoon through the 2007 Australia Imagine Cup competition.

The t-shirts are a lot nicer but this was the cheapest model we could afford at press time. Prof Paul Roe (Deputy Head, School of Software Engineering & Data Communications, QUT) would be a lot better choice, as he got one t-shirt too 🙂

For more information and registration details, please visit Vista/Office 2007 – ImagineCup S410, S block, Gardens Point, QUT (Griffith’s blog)


One thought on “QUT – Are you Ready for Imagine Cup, Vista and Office?

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