Australia IC Industry Mentor Opportunity


This year’s Australia Imagine Cup competition, I am pleased in conjunction with the leading developers from Readify, to offer an industry mentor onboard (subject to availability and on a first come first served basis) the AU software design invitational (SDI) candidate teams. These volunteer mentors are able to provide an additional industry perspective to our budding SDI teams.

This is a free service available for all Australia IC SDI candidate teams who have registered their participation on This proposal is an optional submission and does not affect a team’s eligibility to participate in the Australia Imagine Cup Finals (Jun 2007).

If you are participating in this year’s AU Imagine Cup SDI, you are encourage to submit your proposal and I will do my best to match you with an appropriate mentor.

For more information and obtain a copy of the proposal documet, please refer to the Australia Imagine Cup 2007 SDI submission template.


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