Introducing Nick Ellery – Incoming DPE Intern


My replacement search is over How quickly a year has almost come to an end and I’m approaching the end of my internship. It seems only a few days ago when I just started in my role. Yesterday, I handed the academic mantle to our incoming intern – Nick Ellery.

Here’s an intro from the man himself,

Hi everyone,

My name is Nick Ellery, and I am the new Audience Marketing Intern, taking over responsibility from Bernard Oh. I’ve come to Microsoft from Australian National University where I studied a Masters of Marketing. Prior to that, I completed a Bachelor degree in Informatics at University of Sydney. I’ve worked for a number of multinationals part-time whilst studying, but Microsoft is my first global company and I’m very happy to be here.

Come and say hi if you have any issues, questions, or want to talk about 1960’s muscle cars!

Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning heaps!



6 thoughts on “Introducing Nick Ellery – Incoming DPE Intern

  1. My next step is unclear at this point. At this point, each time I pray, I pray that God help me to understand what I am looking in a career and guide me to a better place.

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