Introducing z-Berno

 – Hello from Seattle! 

I’m looking forward to a weekend enjoying the tunes of my new Zune (full name Berno-Zune, nicknamed z-Berno) bought from Mothership’s company store. Thank you, Frank. I really appreciate your generous gift and I enjoyed sharing it with my friends and housemates. Their inital comments were the Zune was very easy to use and the large form factor was well regarded. I found the Zune player software to be easier to navigate and reliable synching compared to the iTunes. And I am still waiting for a Vista supported iTunes.

As a iPod Shuffle owner, I say Apple is playing hard ball with it’s Vista running customers. Vista was released back in Nov 2006. Microsoft had it’s Vista APIs published since beta days and has a team of engineers to work with them too. Apple may have their own reservations about Vista but this delay (“New iTunes version still not fully Vista-ready“, 6 Mar 2007) is just not acceptable.

Pictures taken by Michael Kordahi – Thank you 🙂


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