More Geek Stories Related to Imagine Cup

Imagine Cup 2004 Retro – Click on image to access streaming format. 

Some viewers have reported difficulties viewing the video earlier. I am pleased to inform you that the issue has been fixed and the video is now fully hosted infrastructure. It is available as a streaming video, as well as 7 different formats too.

I spoke to former Imagine Cup champions (Francois Beaussier, Aymeric Gaurat Apelli, on Mar 15) to find out how they started their Imagine Cup journey, the experience of competing in the WW finals and got them to reveal some tips to excel in the competition.


Still on the Imagine Cup, Nick Hodge recently interviewed Bruce Satchwell from Alive Technologies (“Wireless Health Gadgets for Life“). Last year, Bruce generously loaned the 2006 Australia Imagine Cup winning team from University of Canberra an Alive Heart Rate Monitor. The Alive Heart Rate Monitor was very crucial piece of equipment for us to demonstrate the capabilities of the Patients Monitoring Alert System (PMAS). Don’t forget to check out the cool wireless health gadget video!


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