Moving on: t- >> i-

Yesterday (26 Mar 2007) marks the last day of my fruitful internship in Microsoft Australia – DPE group. For the past one year, I had the pleasure of working along side with a group of intelligent, passionate and fun group of evangelists together with the sales and marketing team on a daily basis. Which makes going to the office a constant learning and growing experience.

Not to mention the thrilling experience of organising Tech Ed – Student Day,  participation in the AU and Worldwide Imagine Cup finals, visited the Microsoft Research Labs in India, met real Microsoft Redmond recruiter -Carrie Read in person, caught up on my Microsoft heros and friends in Redmond (personal funded trip) and Taiwan , attended the Vista-Office RTM party, presented on games developmenet at the National Computer Science School, led the WW team in the benefits formulation of the global Microsoft Student Partners program, managed the AU Microsoft Student Partners program, made visits to AU universities with Kevin and recorded an Imagine Cup video. What’s truly great about these experiences is the opportunity to actually get out there and share with the rest of the world the excitment of technology and met up with the amazing people that are involved in this field.

All in all, you can say I’m truly dunk in the Microsoft kool-aid 🙂

I throughly enjoyed my internship, so much so, that I had to express my keen interest to stay. So I’m happy to share the news that I’m not leaving DPE yet! Instead, I will be moving onto a contractor role in Microsoft and undertaking a new enterprise IT Pro focus pilot project. Same team, same manager, new exciting challenges and audience ahead.

My new alias (wef 31 Mar 2007) is ‘i-berno’.


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