The Melbourne Model – Changes to Aus Education Scene

The Age has an excellent article discussing the impact of the new university degree model introduced by the University of Melbourne. Check it out “A matter of degrees“. 

The University of Melbourne is changing the Aus Higher Education scene with the introduction of a two-tier, US-style model of teaching. This changes over the next four years, will have the 96 existing undergraduate degrees abolished and replaced by six broad-based choices. These include arts, science, commerce and environments.

This means a student who wants to read law in Melbourne Uni has to pursue a broad basic bachelor 3 years degree (eg Arts) before undergoing a law education at the post graduate level. This model opens an opportunity for students to receive a truly very well grounded education. However, it raises questions about the severe impact in terms of skills labour delivery to the work force and also trouble for good students from less well off background being less able to afford the long time in uni.

Maybe another sign of the dying Australian equalitarian myth?


2 thoughts on “The Melbourne Model – Changes to Aus Education Scene

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