No Sex Please, We’re Singaporean

Another year of disappointing bedside survey results. Come on, fellow Singaporeans! Let’s get our numbers up! *no puns intended*

In true blue Singaporean style, we should establish a committee and a government advisory body to look into this serious problem.

Singapore needs sexing up (Channel NewsAsia)
So much for their staid reputation — Singaporeans say they are not having enough sex and are unhappy with the quality of their sex lives.

The latest survey by condom maker Durex found that just one in three Singaporeans — or 35 per cent of the respondents — are “completely happy” with their sex lives.

Singapore was ranked 22nd out of 26 areas in terms of sexual satisfaction, ahead of Thailand, Hong Kong, France and Japan. The study, dubbed the Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, was compiled over August and September last year. Some 26,032 people were polled, including 1,021 Singaporeans.

Nigeria aced the survey, with 67 per cent of respondents saying they were fully happy with their sex lives. Mexico (63 per cent), India (61 per cent) and Poland (54 per cent) followed.

Stress and — to some extent — sexual problems are to blame for Singapore’s flaccid performance.

Thirty-six per cent of Singaporeans said they were too stressed “for their own good”, said Mr Cesar Balota, country manager of SSL Healthcare, the local agent for Durex.

Mr Balota added that the latest survey was aimed at uncovering feelings, attitudes and habits, while previous sex surveys had a more quantitative purpose. “We want to understand what would help people enjoy their sex better, as opposed to just asking if more frequent sex would help,” he said.

Results of five other segments — sexual experimentation, physical pleasure, emotional aspects, first sex and sex education — will be released over the next 18 months.

Said self-styled sex guru and radio deejay Lim Anna: “The thing to learn from this study is, how do we make ourselves happier? It doesn’t mean you will be happy if you do it seven times a week.”


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