Computer Science Takes Steps to Bring Women to the Fold

Picked up this well written and timely article from the NY Times “Computer Science Takes Steps to Bring Women to the Fold “.

Universities around the world recognises the importance of women in IT and developing programs to address this situation. As Lenore Blum from Carnegie Mellon University put it accurately “Women are the canaries in the coal mine. … Factors driving women away will eventually drive men away as well”, she and others say. I encourage you to continue reading the article.

On the topic of women in IT. I am forever in debt to my supervisor – Christine Mingins as she taught me many things apart from CLR. Despite her unconventional education background (a BA) and a graduate diploma in CS, Christine had supervised numerous Honours, Masters and PhD students, sat on the ECMA C# standardisation committee, being involved in success IT business ventures, became Head of School until recently. She displayed great tenacity in everything she do and is still heavily involved in software enginnering. I still look upon her as a role model. If Monash fully understood the capacity of her ability.


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