Phone culture shift follows Asia-Pacific rise

Berno: Interesting scenairo 🙂 Fortunately such isn’t a problem for me cos most conf calls I was involved always offered two timings, one of which is APAC friendly.

Europeans and Americans, I urge you to prepare for the regular midnight conference call with your new head office in Mumbai or Beijing. Or would you prefer 5am?

Asians and Australians, relax. It is your turn to enjoy evening meals and pre-dawn slumbers uninterrupted by the boss in London or New York. Let me explain. Everyone knows that the weight of global power is moving inexorably towards the Asia-Pacific region. China and India are on the rise. Japan is recovering. 

… This shift in the global balance of power is well documented. What has yet to be grasped is the effect on business and the way it is conducted.

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One thought on “Phone culture shift follows Asia-Pacific rise

  1. I had to schedule a con call for people in India and two different US timezones once. Not pretty as we wound up making it a little painful for everyone.
    Low level employees make accomidations for distant timezones all the time. It was about 20 years ago when a friend of mine in a tech support role had his first midnight call from Japan for example. And west coast US people in the financial markets live their lifes on eastern time to be in sync with New York. Other finance people have long set their alarm clocks to be awake during the open bourses in Hong Kong and Tokyo. What we are seeing now is this sort of thing riasing to the level where the popular media notices. I got used to off hours calls years ago.

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