Microsoft Virtual Career Fair (May 15-17)

My friend in Redmond HR, Priya over the weekend alerted to me a Microsoft Virtual Career Fair to be held on between May 15-17. It’s a chance for you to interact with Redmond recruiters 1:1 over a hosted Second Life environment.

Here are the step-by-step instruction to join the fair:

1. Sign up for Second life by following this URL:

2. Visit , complete registration, here enter for your avatar name, upload your resume.

3. Once you have uploaded your resume, someone to contact you and “invite” you on the TMP Island for the career fair.

>> Resume submission deadline is 14 May 2007 (US Date)

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One thought on “Microsoft Virtual Career Fair (May 15-17)

  1. Hi.

    To illustrate what is said in your post, let me introduce you to the efairjob.(first event is on march 17th). (everywhere across Canada).

    the link is:

    the efairjob has the advantage of offering an entire 3d environment (like second life), with all the functionalies of a virtual job fair (chat, webcam, etc). Dozens of companies have joined the event and hundreds of jobs are gonna be offered.

    If you have ever experienced a virtual jobfair, what are your coments concerning this one?

    do you think that a virtual jobfair can replace the physical one?

    thank you.

    Yann Levy
    eMarketing Strategist

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