ReMix 07 Melbourne WebJam Details in a Nutshell

Michael “MK” Kordahi posted concise details of ReMix 07 Melbourne WebJam details on his blog.


Yep, that’s right kids, we”re gonna have our very own Webjam @ ReMix 07.

Full details over on the Webjam site.

So, if you’re comin to ReMix and wanna have your 3 minutes of fame, let Mr Hardy know –

But in brief . . .

  • 16 presenters, 3 minutes for each presentation, SMS voting, winner gets the adoration of the crowd and a prize – pretty simple really
  • We’re going to do it at the Galactic circus party on the evening of the 25th June. So, it’s a very casual atmosphere.
  • Presenters can present anything they’ve done online recently. This could be anything from:
    • A mash up
    • A little bit of cool functionality
    • A full site
    • A WPF, Silverlight app
    • Anything else that I’m not cool enough to think of
  • Any ReMix attendee can present
  • If you’re up for the your 3 mins of fame (in front of a decent audience) Nominate yourself over at
  • Video of a previous Webjam can be found
  • Official Webjam site

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