I’m Still with Microsoft (i-berno)

Three days ago, I received an very thoughtful email from Christine Mingins (ucube / Readify) who enquired my well-being (on behalf of several Readify consultants) and thought that I left Microsoft without a trance after my internship.

I reckon I should do a proper update for everyone who are concerned about my situation.


After my internship, I transitioned into a program manager (contractor) role in my present group. My previous role in Academic program management has been taken over by Nick Ellery. I’m current involved in a pilot CPE (Customers and Partners Experience) project with three communication sector accounts on board.

Since end of Mar, I have been working very closely with the Communication sector team, Charles Russell (Lead, Business Excellence) and Hugh Jones (Director, CPE) to understand the appropriate level and the type of IT Pro support we need to delivered to these customers. With this knowledge, the project team will work out a IT Pro CPE element which integrates into the current managed account plans.

I am grateful for the concern expressed by the Readify consultants. I’m extremely honoured that they would considered me a potential hire for this awesome company. I admire Readify because they have some of the most respected Microsoft technical experts in Australia and their commitment to their staff on-going professional development is rock solid just like Microsoft. There will come a time where I would require skills and perspective outside Microsoft to advance my career. When that happens, I would certainly look towards our partners like Readify.


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