Goodbye DPE


Norbert, Deeps, Ben (my manager), Monique, Scott, Finula and Nick.

My parting shot from my team in Microsoft Australia DPE taken on last day at work (Fri, 25/5). What a great bunch of people to work and learn with. Instead of going into extended farewell rhetoric, I just want to say I love my group.

Thank you for the support, mentoring, and good times. Thank you for the watch, farewell message book (and even blog post), dinner and drinks. Nick, you’re a champ for organising all these esp the above photo. I totally dig the watch too.

Padwan and his Jedi Master. May the force be always with you, Frank.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye DPE

  1. Good luck with whatever you get up to! I’m sure having Microsoft on your CV will get you far.

    P.S. superpatrick – it’s probably worth checking your spelling before you press submit next time 😛

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