Pictures from Double Bay, Bondi Beach, Parramatta River Cruise

Over the weekend, I took the opportunity to visit different parts of Sydney where I have not been. Below are a small selection of photos. I encourage you to visit my flick sets for more pictures.

Here is my flickr link to all my photos – or add me as your flickr contact – bernardoh

Double Bay (flickr)
– is an affluent suburb with very posh stores and cafes. Doesn’t do anything for me. Still it a lot nicer than Sydney CBD.
P5260040 P5260052 P5260067 

 Bondi Beach(flickr)
– Sunday is a good day visit Bondi because there are is the Bondi market. Buses run regularly between the city and Bondi. If only the rest of Sydney public transport is that good. Sigh, the state of Sydney public transport is in shambles, that’s for another blog post.

The Bondi Iceberg restaurant recently hosted Cameron Diaz when she was in town for the premier of Shriek 3.
 P5270099 P5270114 P5270168

Parramatta River(flickr)
– the river cruise to Parramatta is really nice and peaceful. Along the way, you can see the transition from the affluence of the city, to the gentrification of the inner west suburbs and relics of the industrial age.
P5290122 P5290136 P5290143


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