Hello Kitty Sports Series Games Coming to Phone Near You

Nielsen Entertainmen Study (2006) found that among the roughly 117 million active gamers in the U.S. in 2006, more than half (56%) play games online, and that 64% of all online gamers are women.

Obviously, these guys have done their own local market segmentation homework and research, before launching the Hello Kitty Sport Series games to China mobile phone users to tap into this lucrative market. I wonder what is their business model?

Last month, when I was in Hong Kong MTR, I noticed lots of young females were seriously engaged in a portable gaming device which looks like (but wasn’t) a Nintendo DS with a stylus. They were playing casual, mentally stimulating puzzles like games. Maybe this sports games series is similar but on a mobile phone.

27/6: Looked like the device was really Nintendo DS  and there is a game called Brain Age to give one’s brain a workout.


4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sports Series Games Coming to Phone Near You

  1. 64% Online gamers are women… Thats because Yahoo! games are squarely targeted at female users. When you talk about the more-hardcore MMO and multiplayer console/PC games itself it will be more like 10-20% female 60-70% male and the rest will be unclassifiable (inlcuding and not limited to aliens, undiscovered intelligent species who can shapeshift living among us, experiments by govts gone wrong, etc). 🙂

  2. They were probably on the DS Lite as opposed to DS, I also thought the DS Lite looked like one of those El cheapo handheld games where you could only play limited stuff the first time I saw it, it was so slim and tiny compared to the normal DS and PSP… I mean after seeing the DS you don’t expect it to shrink much more.

    Btw, improved WiFi and web access from mobile devices in general becomes more affordable the webspace for online mini games (and advertising opportunities) will increase. The new frontier of the new frontier, web applications (including games) for mobile devices. There are probably more money for mobile devices than PC in terms of web advertising dollars. Imagine in the near future almost everyone will have at least 1 mobile phone and 1 GPS/PDA device, thats at least 2 consumer devices per person… now thats a big market!

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