Who are the Aus 2007 Imagine Cup Winners?

The suspense is killing me! I saw a few Imagine Cup pictures on Nick‘s and Michael‘s Flickr streams but there is still no official word on this year’s Australia Imagine Cup winning team! No update on the Aus IC blog or Aus Academic blog neither.

Last time I heard from the source, there were going to be some pretty heavy weights judges onboard including Victorian government official and MVP on the panel. How did the event go? When will we ever know?


2 thoughts on “Who are the Aus 2007 Imagine Cup Winners?

  1. Team APA are the winners.

    They have taken on the very ambitious task of delivering a tool that helps the blind and vision impaired become programmers.

    I have to admit that it was kind of ironic to watch their presentation which included a demonstration of how even a blind programmer could build a GUI while some of the designers in the room next door would have argued that even “normal” developers should rather not perform such a task if they wanted to deliver “rich user experiences”.

    I also found it interesting that the team had chosen C# rather than VB.NET.

    I love C# and I’m looking forward to the day when even blind programmers will agree with me that a case-sensitive and less-verbose language like C# is more aesthetically pleasing than VB.NET.

    I hope for them that curly braces and semicolons rock as much in braille and TTS as they do in Consolas with ClearType enabled.

    So let’s wish team APA all the best in Korea!

    I really hope the other teams don’t feel discouraged and will continue working on their great ideas.
    I would still love to be able to watch and listen to my lectures on a mobile device for example.

  2. Yep, University of Canberra take it out again…Results are up at blogs.msdn.com/ausic, although Clair Deevy’s got my camera so I won’t have my photos back for a while yet. All in all, it was a blast – fun times and hopefully good memories for all the teams who entered. There’s been some good press generated already and despite 2 of the teams being 2 hours late due to Canberra weather, everything went fairly smoothly.
    My only regret was that I couldn’t send more than 1 team through to the worldwide final in Korea – all 3 entries were awesome IMHO.

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