F1 Night Racing in 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

 (Picture by Sabbah

Zoom! Zoom! The Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry and Singapore Tourism Board is really beefing up on Singapore tourism credentials with the annoucement (11 May 07) of the 2008 F1 Singapore Grand Prix race on a street circuit in the evening. This would be the first night race in F1 history!

I really hope this reinvention and the renewal of Singapore’s economy continues and it’s benefits flow towards all spectrum of the local society.

“This will be the first fully-lit street race in F1 and as a night race, we anticipate it will quickly establish itself as one of the most dramatic and atmospheric races in our calendar.”
– Bernie Ecclestone, F1 Boss  

“Singapore is a leading business centre and our aim is to be a vibrant global city that is abuzz with high quality entertainment and events.”
– S Iswaran, Minister of State for Trade and Industry

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2 thoughts on “F1 Night Racing in 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

  1. I saw the map not very detailed I have not been back to SG for awhile, which road is the start line(and is there space for the pitstop?) Also how will the businesses in that area be compensated?

    I wouldn’t want to be driving around SG when they close those roads! Actually I don’t want to be driving in SG period, so congested and lack of parking. I hope no ah bengs/lians try to be funy and try some stunt during the race!

    Thank goodness the public transport in SG is fantastic unlike Melbourne’s and Sydney’s. Melbourne drop in most liveable city ranking is due mainly to our declining public transport service and raising housing prices!

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