The Pains of a North Shore Commuter

How CityRail failed you  
Image credit: The Daily Telegraph 

Today, the Herald published a humorous take on the pains of the CityRail North Shore commuter – The curse of CityRail. I actually think an accurate title should be “The Curse of the CityRail Commuter“. Frankly. the joke is on the commuters like myself who depend on public transport to get around this city.

Catching a train on the Sydney CityRail is like a gamble. Would the schedule service arrive or be cancelled, would the train breakdown midway, and if a breakdown occurs, would we be duly informed and received help (see “Quadriplegic left on train“)? The egg is really on the public’s face as CityRail proposes a fare increase (23 Jun 07).

Each time when another major breakdown occurs, we are served with the familiar rhetoric tunes from the Premier of NSW, Transport Minister and CityRail CEO. I have been living in Sydney for more than 15 months and I’m tired of the same excuses for reoccuring problems. Come on and display some real leadership and accountability.


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