My RSS Subscriptions dated 310707

I thought I would like to share my OPML list (social engineering opportunity here). It’s an interesting personal exercise to track the changes in my subscription as it reflects my changing interests and preferences at the various points in my life.

Some of my favourite blogs are:

Special Mentions

  • The Road Less Traveled (Berno: I caught with Adam for coffee in Seattle back in Oct 06 after his switch from PM to SDE and now he’s in a start-up! I like to think of his blog as “Life after Microsoft”
  • FC Experts Blog (Berno: I am fond of reading this magazine (and Wired) for its focus on the value of technology and it’s application in real world scenario. My hat on technology is constantly about how can we improve the current process or situation with an improved business model, with the appreciation of current human behavioral patterns and the appropriate dose of technology to grease the wheel. Technology is an enabler not a deal-breaker.)
  • Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing (Start-up matters with a proper dose of checks and balance)

PS: I have been using a Mac for awhile now and I generally enjoy the overall experience getting around Mac OS X. Some old habits die hard, I found myself ditching Safari and back to Firefox.


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