Beijing Pictures

I was in Beijing last month and took tons of photos. Here are some of my favourite pictures of this beautiful city. Apart from an initial adjustment period to the air pollution, I had a great time learning about my ethic ethnic culture and develop greater sense of pride being Chinese.

Flickr link to the entire Beijing set.

P7040058 – This picture is the current wallpaper on my Zune (z-Berno) I want this picture to conjure a sense of power and dominance.

P7040125 – Behind the final walls of the Forbidden City

P7040139 P7050008

P7070163P7050085 – Beijing Subway exit leading to Yonghe Gong (Lama Temple)

P7030025 P7030023

P7050145 – Dong Tang (St Joseph Cathedral, reports to Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association)

P7060145 – The Great Wall of China (Badaling, I think the other parts of wall eg Mutianyu are more attractive and authentic)

P7060143 P7060168

Tian Tan - Temple of Heaven – Temple of Heaven

stalin-statue-2 stalin-statue-4

P7080017 – Hong Kong P7080028 P7080118 – Victoria Peak


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