US strike on Pakistan would be ‘very inflammatory’


Last evening (2 Aug 07) ABC Lateline had an very insightful interview with Prof Mumtaz Ahmad (an expert on Islamic extremism) regarding the latest comments made by US Presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – would be very inflammatory and would destabilise the Government of Pervez Musharraf.

Must-view interview for those who are concerned about the recent prominence of Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan.

Video Interview | Transcript



One thought on “US strike on Pakistan would be ‘very inflammatory’

  1. Obama is trying to make Americans belief he is tough enough to play hardball with other governments. I doubt he expects Musharraf to take him that seriously.
    On the other hand Musharraf is playing a risky game these days and what Obama said could cause both Obama and Musharraf problems. Perhaps people who say that Obama is not experienced enough are right and this may prove it.
    But remember Obama is a long long way away from being President of the US. It is not like one can even pretend that when he speaks that it represents American policy. Not now and maybe not ever.

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