Finally … IM Tips and Etiquette 101

The Google Australia blog posted a instant message (IM) etiquette entry “To ping or not to ping?” this weekend. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Having a long/personal/meaningful message in the status bar. Remember that your co-workers will all see it. You might be the biggest Grey’s Anatomy fan in the country, but having “McDreamy Is Mine” as your IM status might not go down so well with your boss.
  • Setting the status to “I’m so incredibly busy don’t even think about IMing me”. If you’re really that busy, you should probably sign out!
  • Take advantage of the great features like the ability to set a “nickname” or “alias” instead of using the user’s actual email address. For example, your friend’s name/alias is “K007kid”, you can just make it display as “Steve” on your end and stop those “who on earth is that again?” moments.

PS: Good marketing practice here.

1. Create exposure for your products plus deliver some value to current and potential customers. Good chance this article would be pick up by a 3rd party who would use some of the tips here for their own article.

2. Create some buzz (bloggers love)

3. Strengthens the friendly and warm (“I’m your friend”) impression of Google.


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