Completed my first Sydney City2Surf

Completed my first City2Surf last weekend with the help of Siew Ling (Charisse) and Tricia who had generously donated to the City2Surf charity page.

My gun result is 99.57 min for the 14km run, I estimated my real timing to be at least 3 minutes off that time because of the large crowd in front before I can get over the starting line. Still, it’s a fun event as you can see from the photos below. Now that I have a sub 100 timing, next year I can qualify for the 2nd group which has timing hurdle to register.

Here are the memories and oh yeah! I experienced the Heartbreak Hill, it can hurt šŸ˜›

P8150010 P8150003

Photos below belong to Fairfax Photos

A sign at the top of Heartbreak Hill

Berlei Sports Bra models

Borat, NOT!


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