Code Formatting Solution for WordPress Bloggers

Jeff Powers from Fluxcapacity came up with a formatting solution for all those bloggers who wants to retain their original code snippets from their editor onto WordPress blog.


The current WordPress rich text editor (v2.2) losses the original code formatting as one navigates between “Visual” and “Code” model. (See this post for more details)


Paste your original source code (eg from Visual Studio) onto the CodeoFormatter. It will help you to generate WordPress Editor-compatible markup to retain your snippet in it’s full glory before you paste it onto your blog.

Related link:

  • Download WordPress CodeFormatter (Available in C# source or .EXE)

5 thoughts on “Code Formatting Solution for WordPress Bloggers

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  2. Good job. However i noticed that some un-necessary span tags are present without closing span tag in the generated HTML Code.

    Otherwise the tool is too good….
    Thanks a lot…

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