It’s Time to Go – Eviction Order 2004

As I was clearing up my room, I found some old photos taken during my last few weeks in uni.

It was fun. I missed my B3.50 gang in Melbourne, sorry I can’t make it for this weekend’s reunion.

before A list of all the occupants of B3.50.

after1 I (the second from the bottom) got evicted after I got my thesis result.

P1010370 A bunch of us doing lunch in the uni bar. Picture taken around the last weeks in uni.

P4300131 Andrea and Fiona

P4300129 Angel, Margaret and Adam

P4300128 Leona, myself and Dhaminda (Crown Prince of Sri Lanka, NOT!)

P1010366 My desk was located next to the Futurama poster

P1010364 Our couch, kitchen, sink, fridge, phone and the most important of all – The Printer which Gave Birth to all Our Degrees


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