The Future of Healthcare – Request for Proposals

Craig Mundie (Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer) was in Sydney last weekend to attend the APEC Business Summit. During the summit, he caught up some with of Australia’s leading biomedical multimedia academics and healthcare providers to discuss the future of healthcare.

During a recent ABC interview, Craig painted a future scenario where aged people can avoid moving to expensive aged care facilities but be able to remain in the comfort of their own home and received the same support through the services of robotics assistant. See “Microsoft innovator looks to fairer future” (ABC News) for full details.

On the same note, Microsoft Research in Redmond has just posted a WW Request for Proposals (RFP) for Cellphone as a Platform for Healthcare.

“This worldwide RFP seeks to incubate creative and novel healthcare solutions that are accessible, affordable, and relevant for ‘smart’ mobile phones. An additional focus is the creation of appropriate services, systems, and infrastructures to provide solutions to the global healthcare community. We feel that cell phones and inexpensive, commonly available sensor devices have an opportunity to reach people who until now have not previously had access to technology-based healthcare solutions.  Along with the funding, awardees will receive cellphones and relevant software to help enable their research.”

Submission closes on 29 Oct 2007.

Visit the Microsoft Research – External Research and Programs site for further information and application procedures.


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