The Global Education Race – Is the West Losing its Lead?

Don't Just Sit There: Schools like Cornell must go global to keep ahead

The days are gone when the world’s best schools likes of Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford – could rest on their laurels and expect the best students to come to them. Today, a variety of trends are utterly reshaping the educational landscape.

Europe’s push for common university system have begun only eight years ago and beginning to show signs of a big harvest of foreign students in 2010. Many Asian counties (likes of China, India, Singapore and Malaysia), the largest exporter of foreign students to the West, are pouring unprecedented sums into building and improving their universities, and millions more selling them aboard. China plans to spend 4% of its annual GDP in coming years from its current 0.5%. To lure the best professors, Singapore universities are offering salaries competitive with the best US schools, where young academics can now earn more than USD 180,000 a year.

Newsweek recently published a special report of the current state of global education and highlights this strategic and competitive landscape. Visit Global Education Special Report – The Race is On for the full story.


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