“…These IR reforms left the ordinary working person very vulnerable”

Industrial relations (IR) looks set to be a major issue in this year’s Federal election issue. I support the intentions behind these IR changes and the benefits it brings to workplace.

Unfortunately, it places too much responsibility of an equitable remuneration on the most vulnerable people. People who are unfamiliar with the their rights, benefits and the current market rate. Typically, not the sort of people who would sit in front of the computer and do a research before accepting an Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA). A research by the University of Sydney Workplace Research Centre shows people on AWA earn less than those on collective agreement. Will people still have a job offer for them when the Fairness Test board finally clear the backlog and review their workplace agreement? As a result of this delay, would these job applicants be rushed or pushed into accepting a fair unverified AWA?

There is a real risk of bringing down the Australian standard of living and income in a downward spiral. Think about the US labour market.

Come on! This is Australia, everyone deserves a fair go. A real fair go, not hypothetical during good and bad times.

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2 thoughts on ““…These IR reforms left the ordinary working person very vulnerable”

  1. Like you I support the alleged intentions, but considering democracy in australia is a wee bit dodgy because the politicians do not have to disclose their major financial backers.

    I reckon alot of the backers of the current coalition and particular the big wigs in canberra probably have benefited from this AWA reform more than most.

    The current AWA regulations put too much power to employers, and the penalty for being terminated is pretty poor considering the cap is 5 weeks pay if memory serves. All looks alright when the economy is going steady, but when it starts to dip and companies need to cut cost, the people will suffer.

    economy slows -> more jobless ->companies realise they can pay people lesser -> rinse repeat

    PS: I think you meant rushed into accepting an unfair AWA…

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